Packed with all the tools you need, SVGator is the ultimate SVG animation generator: a thoughtfully designed, intuitive interface, right at your fingertips. … Animate icons, logos, backgrounds, and other illustrations. Power up your SVG with various path, morph, filter, or color animations. Source:


Fonts Typography UI/UX

Free fonts and font pairings to use for your next design project. FontPair helps you pair beautiful Google Fonts together by suggesting free fonts that work well together. They also offer typography inspiration and 101 level tutorials for people who want to learn more


Color Images UI/UX

fffuel is a collection of color tools and free SVG generators for gradients, patterns, textures, shapes & backgrounds. 🚀 Here you’ll find a collection of totally free SVG makers to create cool backgrounds, seamless patterns, gradients, textures, shapes and blobs. Source:

Free Game by Virgil Abloh


Before his untimely passing, designer Virgil Abloh created an online resource, Free Game with step by step instructions on how to develop a brand. “Below please find a resource center for brands in their earliest phases. This resource was born as I was working


Images Sites Typography

Buamai was conceived by YouWorkForThem founder/director Michael Paul Young in 2008 as an online repository for unique or inspirational found images. Mainly for graphic design and typographic related material, the collection grew to encompass the humorous, the reflective, the obscure and the just-plain-strange. Source:


Iconography UI/UX

Lordicon is a powerful library of carefully crafted animated icons, ready to use in digital products, presentations, or videos! Source:

Lottie Files 🦃

Illustrations UI/UX

It’s Thanksgiving Day! We are thankful for users, designers and design lovers like yourself! 🎨 Today, we are thankful for access to the world’s largest collection of free-to-use animations! Created by ingenious designers for your personal or commercial use on web, app, social media


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TinEye is an image search and recognition company. Experts in computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning. Our mission is to make your images searchable. Source:


Educational Sites UI/UX

W3Schools is a freemium educational website for learning coding online. Initially released in 1998, it derives its name from the World Wide Web but is not affiliated with the W3 Consortium. Source: